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At Clever Call, we provide call centre and administration support services from our contact centres in Durban South Africa and Manchester England.

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Decades of experience

Our management team have decades of experience running both inbound and outbound campaigns. Telephone sales and customer service is in our DNA.

Why Clever Call?

We understand reputation

We take time to understand your company's products  and what makes it successful to ensure that we can represent you correctly before we commence any trial campaigns. We will only take on a campaign if we are sure that it will be a complete success.

Our Services

What Clever Call can do for you

Customer Service

At Clever Call customer service is one of our core offerings. We know how important it is to retain customers. If any customer is treated poorly not only will they leave, they will usually tell five people about your bad service. This is why we strive to deal with all inbound calls efficiently and with minimal call waiting. We then ensure that our agents have the skills and product knowledge to surpass any customer expectations so your customers feel loved and valued.

Outbound Sales

The days of calling a few contacts and achieving leads, appointments or sales has largely gone. Most contact centres will not perform outbound sales campaigns. We will if we like your product and we know that we can make the campaign a success. We have a sales team in place who just love to make a sale and ring the bell. If you are looking for an outbound sales campaign we would like to hear form you and we will give you our honest assessment of the suitability of this for our teams.

Client Communication

It is important to deal with chats and product requests quickly and sometimes even 24-7. This has become a part of a potential customer's expectations. If a customer has a question prior to making a purchasing decision they expect this to be answered without making a call or waiting in a queue. If you have a Chatbot on your website, then sales conversions can increase drastically. If it is not answered promptly sales are likely to drop considerably. We can deal with Chatbots, WhatsApp, Email and embedded web chat forms. Whatever channel, we can handle this for you and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Insights

It is critical to understand your customers and to ensure you know what makes them happy - and even what frustrates them about your products and services. We can provide an in-depth business insight campaign to gain valuable information for you. We can even help design the type of questions and techniques to ensure you get accurate and valuable insights. Sometimes when customers are asked direct questions they answer incorrectly because they may be embarrassed about providing a blunt and negative answers. It is important to get their true thoughts, and this is best done by indirect and leading questions rather than the outdated technique of ‘would you recommend us to a friend or relative?’.

Reporting and Analysis

We provide a real-time reporting suite so you can download any management information you require and view real-time campaign figures. We always work in a completely transparent and clear way so that you have access to as much information about your campaign as we do. We can provide access to report suites through a cloud based platform, so that you can run reports or monitor conversions in real time from wherever you are in the world, securely and easily.

We're different

We strive to exceed our customer's expectations

We treat your customers as if they were our family. We take huge pride in serving our clients with the aim of maximising satisfaction.


We strive to best serve clients

We treat your customers as our own. We take huge pride in serving our clients with the aim of maximising satisfaction.

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Most of our relationships are subject to ‘Non Disclosure Agreements’ but we are happy to provide testimonials from happy clients upon reqest

Our trusted partner

"I can rely on the team for thought leadership, advice and recommendations that align very well with our business goals and objectives."

UK Financial Firm

Took us to the next level

"a great resource to help implement outsourcing opportunities. Clever Call has played a massive part in our growth over the years"

UK Technology Firm

Always reliable

"Clever Call are one of our best performing call centres and have been instrumental in the success of our strategic customer service initiative."

American Technology Firm
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clever Call?

Clever Call is an outsourcing solution for your business, focused on client communications. We deliver high-performing campaigns related to your business' objectives.

How do you help businesses?

We offer high-quality and cost-effective outsourcing solutions for client communications for businesses. We have the highest calibre talent as well as pledge to beat any other quote when it comes to serving your business' needs.

Do you help businesses of any size?

Yes, certainly. We currently help scale-up businesses with teams of less than 20, to large corporations with thousands of employees.

Do you help businesses based in any country?

We can certainly serve customers without any geographical restriction. Currently, we serve customers based in America, Australia, Canada and the UK. We're dedicated to continue to best serve customers across the world.

What resources does Clever Call provide?

Proprietary technology, a team with over seven decades of collective experience, a dedicated office with direct access to the best talent in South Africa. These are just some of the resources we can offer your business, in order to best deliver on your required objectives.

What makes Clever Call special?

Our commitment to our clients, showcased through our superior talent. We nurture our talent through rigorous training and ongoing monitoring and development programs. We also pledge to beat any other quote when it comes to serving your business' needs.

Our locations

Durban, South Africa and Manchester, England

Wherever your business is in the world, rest assured Clever Call utilises the best talent to exceed your expectations.

Our South African contact centre is based in the heart of Durban in Mount Edgecombe, and our UK-based contact centre is in Stockport in South Manchester.

Contact Us

We are ready to support your every need

Contact Us

We are ready to support your every need